Laura Woodman has been selected as the school-year 2016/2017 Rotary Spirit Student of the Year (SOY). The Fort Fairfield Rotary Club had the privilege (for the sixth year) to recognize all 2016/2017 Rotary Spirit Student Award (RSSA) recipients and Laura at the recent Fort Fairfield High School Honors Night ceremonies. Laura received a recognition certificate and a monetary award. Additionally, the club’s SOY perpetual plague at the school will display Laura’s picture for the coming school year with an engraved name plate attached.

Rotary Spirit Student of the Year perpetual plaque

2016-2017 Rotary Spirit Student Award recipients, (left to right) Tracy Copeland, Rotary Spirit Program Leader, Chris Caldwell,Mar/Apr 2017, Ryan Player, Jan/Feb 2017, Laura Woodman, Mar/Apr 2017 and SOY 2016/2017, Emily Everitt, Jan/Feb 2017, Mikaila Flanagan, Nov/Dec 2016, Colby Giberson, Nov/Dec 2016, and Wayne Troicke, club President-elect. Not in photo Abby Young, Sep/Oct 2016 and Colin Goshorn, Sep/Oct 2016. 

Tracy and Wayne introducing 2016/2017 RSSA and SOY recipients