Dear Friends and Neighbors, 
How often have you wanted to reach out and help those with needs here in our community, the County, and those less fortunate around the world but you just didn’t know where to begin? Now you have the opportunity to reach out with your support of the Fort Fairfield Rotary Club’s annual primary fundraiser, our Cash Draw event.

The Cash Draw fundraiser is one of only two times during the year that the club asks for your support. No, actually the club is not asking for your support. As a club we do not have needs. Your rotary club is a group of volunteers giving their time and energies to help out where help is needed. I often have to remind myself of a couple of things: 1) People give to people, not organizations, 2) Our club does not have needs, the community has needs, 3) Clubs have solutions, and this is where your purchase of a 2016 30th Annual Cash Draw ticket can make all the difference. The club is but a conduit for you to help those less fortunate.


Let me take just a moment of your time so that you may know that you can and do make a difference. In the 2015-2016 club-year and again during the 2016-2017 club-year with your help, your Fort Fairfield Rotary Club will support ten organizations and events at the Fort Fairfield Elementary and Middle/High Schools including purchasing winter clothing for youngsters who otherwise would not be warm this coming winter and provide college scholarships to help graduating seniors, support Friends Helping Friends through the Good Shepherd Food Bank, purchase new equipment for the Public Library, help the Special Olympics Snowdogs travel to the annual basketball tournament, support the Maine Potato Blossom Festival with the princesses float and bike rodeo where children ages two through twelve receive riding skills training and a new bike helmet, contribute funds to the TAMC Survivor Camp, the Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp, the United Way of Aroostook, the Northern Maine Veterans Cemetery, the Northern Maine Medical Center-sponsored Northern Maine Out of the Darkness Walk (raising suicide awareness), provide approximately 200 Thanksgiving Day dinners to those here in Fort Fairfield who would not otherwise have a dinner on this very special day including homebound individuals and families, in concert with 12 other U.S.-Canadian border Rotary clubs from Houlton/Woodstock to Fort Kent/Edmundston provide eco-toilets, eco-stoves, and clean water filtration systems to the less fortunate in Guatemala through Project GIIVE 2017, and also fight the last vestiges of Polio in Pakistan and Afghanistan through Rotary International’s End Polio Now campaign, and other community projects that arise, to name but a few of the peoples and events your dollars help. You can and do make a difference!

And, did you know while you are a winner in the eyes of others you too can be a winner! That’s right, this year’s Cash Draw offers the opportunity to come out and enjoy an evening of dining and dancing and the 1-in-10 chance to win prizes from $100 to $3,000. See below for details, contact your Rotarian friend or neighbor, and have your dollars pooled with many others to help here and around the world.

Here are all the details in part of the letter that went out to all of our dedicated supporters. Won’t you take a minute and also become a dedicated supporter?

Dear Friend of Rotary,
It is once again time for our exciting 30th Annual Cash Draw fundraiser and, on behalf of our Club and its many supported programs’ recipients, let me take this opportunity to thank you for your past support. Because of the generous support from Rotary’s friends like you, this event continues to be an annual success which allows our Club to continue to give to the many important organizations and causes we support.

For the 30th Annual Cash Draw, prizes include: 1st prize $3,000; 2nd prize $2,500; 3rd prize $2,000; 4th prize $1,000; 5th prize $500; 10 prizes of $200; 18 prizes of $100. Additionally, two early bird prize drawings of $200 each will be drawn from amongst all tickets purchased by September 7, 2016. (Early bird winning tickets will then be returned to the ticket pool for an opportunity to win additional cash prizes.)

This year’s annual fundraising event is on Saturday October 22nd at the Fort Fairfield Community Center, 18 Community Center Drive in Fort Fairfield. Festivities will include a social hour (5:00 p.m.), a buffet-style dinner (6:00 p.m.), and dancing to live entertainment with "Common Crossing" during the cash drawings.

With only 350 tickets being sold and 35 prizes awarded it gives our supporters terrific odds with a 1 in 10 chance of winning a prize! You might also consider teaming up with friends or coworkers to collectively purchase a ticket and share the winnings. You do not need to be present to win.

To take part in this year’s annual Cash Draw and Social Event:
o Order your ticket(s) today ($100 per ticket).
o Each ticket allows admittance for two to attend the evening’s events.
o All tickets must be paid in full on or before October 22, 2016.
o Complete the enclosed Ticket Order Form.
o Please make checks payable to – Fort Fairfield Rotary Club.
o Return Ticket Order Form and check in the enclosed self-addressed envelope and your ticket(s) will be promptly mailed back to you.

Once again, thank you for your generous support and best of luck in the 2016 Annual Cash Draw!
Fort Fairfield Rotary Club

--- And--- here’s an order form. Just copy it, paste it into a new document, print it out, and send it in. (It should format properly when you paste it.) Or - just pick up your phone and call 207-551-1495. We'll take your information and send you your ticket(s).

- Ticket Order Form – Send This Portion with Your Payment (No Cash Please) –
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
To: Fort Fairfield Rotary Club       Business Name: __________________________
P.O. Box 181
Fort Fairfield, ME 04742               Contact Person: __________________________
Rotarian: _______________        Address: ________________________________
Price: $100.00 per ticket                              ________________________________
No. of Tickets Ordered: _____     E-mail: _________________________________
No. Attending Dinner: ______      Telephone: _____________________________

____ Check here if you wish to have the FFRC reinvest $100 of your earnings for any $100 or $200 winning ticket drawn so you can still have a chance to win one of the Grand Prizes.