(left) Chelsea Ouellette, Rotary Spirit Student of the Year (SOY),
accepts the SOY plaque from 
Rotary club VP Stephanie Beaulieu
as Rotary Spirit Program Chair Tracy Copeland looks on. 

During the Fort Fairfield High School Honors Program for the school-year 2015-2016, the Fort Fairfield Rotary Club (FFRC), for the fifth year, had the privilege and honor to recognize its Rotary Spirit Student Award (RSSA) recipients and announce its Rotary Spirit Student of the Year (SOY). Congratulations to all the RSSA recipients and Student of the Year, Chelsea Ouellette. Chelsea received a recognition certificate, a monetary award, and her name engraved and picture posted on the club’s SOY perpetual plaque that is displayed at the school. 

(left to right) Rotary Spirit Program Chair-Tracy Copeland, RSSA recipients Dylan Jandreau, Yoni Mejia-Rodriguez, Julian McKenney, Meghan Everitt, Chelsea Ouellette (SOY), Grace Reynolds, Kaitlyn Parady, FFRC VP-Stephanie Beaulieu. Not in photo, RSSA recipient Jacob Bynion-Cullins.