Jason Parent accepts a club tote from Carl Young, President

Jason Parent, Executive Director and CEO, Aroostook County Action Program (ACAP), addressed the club outlining the many ACAP service areas. Jason stressed that there are programs/services in workforce development (Provides job seekers or employers with resources and information on training and education), energy and housing (Programs to assist renters and homeowners with safe and energy-efficient housing needs), community services (Financial assistance, emergency services, case management, and health related programs), family services (Provides families with education, child development, health, and nutrition programs), senior programs (Includes financial assistance, emergency, home repair, and energy services for individuals over the age of 65), and youth employment and training (Programs provided for youth between the ages of 14-24 looking for education and training opportunities). Additional information may be obtained by visiting the ACAP website: http://acap-me.org/ 

Jason address the ACAP mission 

Jason addresses ACAP services               Jason responds to a question from a Rotarian

Jason enjoys a "missing" presenter moment - oops!!!