Can you believe it! Super cold winter in The County but in Vidalia, Georgia it has been great growing weather for the Vidalia® onions. The club’s annual Vidalia® Onions Sales Fundraiser is now in full swing. And some more great news – the price is still just $25 for a 25lb. bag!!! Orders must be in by April 30, 2015 with delivery tentatively set for the second or third weekend in May. The pick-up location is the old Graphics Utilities building on Cheney Grove Road, Fort Fairfield, right next to the ReEnergy bio-mass plant (same as last year). We’ll let you know the definite date and times as soon as they are finalized. You made this fundraiser a banner year for us last year and as a result this local Rotary club was able to provide support to many deserving organizations and projects both in the community and around the world. Will you help us to be able to make this same statement again this year following the sale? Please contact your Fort Fairfield Rotarian neighbor or co-worker to order, or contact Rotarian Carl Young, 472-3643 / 551-1495. Vidalia®, as it relates to Vidalia® onions, is a registered mark with the State of Georgia.