In Fort Fairfield, Maine winters can be cold…this past one was. Winters can be long…this past one was. As winter morphed into spring the hope of warmer temps, crocuses, and mouse-ear leaf buds did its best to warm the spirit, if not the body. “When is summer ever going to arrive?” could be heard at the gas pumps, the market, and around kitchen tables. The answer to that question has now been answered. Summer arrived this morning between 6:05am and 7:26am. How do I know?...because Rotarians Wayne and Carl, with a huge assist from the Public Works Department, hung the summertime banners on the lampposts up and down Main Street. So cue the Maine Potato Blossom Festival with its bike rodeo, parade, and other activities, but most of all…the warm summertime temps. Enjoy our Main Street friends, it’s looking pretty good.


Rotarian Wayne prepares a banner for hanging

A banner is hung

Ready for next one

Making sure it's secure

Public Works Department provides big assist

Main Street...early morning