March is Rotary International’s designated Literacy Month. Rotary clubs around the world are encouraged to make literacy the local club’s focus during this month. In keeping with this charge, the Fort Fairfield Rotary Club teamed with the Fort Fairfield Elementary School (FFES) to bring Mr. Tim Caverly, noted author of Allagash Tails and Tales books, to FFES grades 3 - 5 to help encourage reading. Tim delighted the students with stories about the Allagash Waterway which included “Andy the Wayward Moose”, “Marvin the Merganser”, a “flying” pig, and an Allagash “haunting”.

Sue Towle's and John Ala's 5th grade classes are ready for an adventure

Heather Rogers' and Megan Flannigan's 4th grade classes want to hear about "Andy the Wayward Moose"

Karen Wark's and Ashley Bouchard's 3rd grade classes anticipate an Allagash "haunting"

Tim Caverly reads an adventure to the classes

Autograph signing time