Kerri Watson-Blaisdell, club Program Hostess, welcomes Tim Doak, Facility Engineer, The Aroostook Medical Center (TAMC), and Tim prepares to answer a question from the floor.

At a recent club breakfast meeting Tim Doak provided an informative presentation concerning TAMC’s planning for the Fort Fairfield Community Health Center complex. Tim explained that the situation is extremely complex and difficult considering that TAMC currently uses only approximately 20 per cent of the available complex space, but due to a three-phase original building and additions process has to provide facility services for the entire complex at a high annual cost.

TAMC and the Town of Fort Fairfield have been holding ongoing meetings at which various complex dispositions have been discussed. Possibilities range from converting the existing facility to another use in its current/modified configuration to demolition and converting the grounds into a community park.

Tim emphasized that TAMC is currently committed to providing a health care facility in Fort Fairfield independent from the current buildings disposition.