Left to right:  Lead Advisor: Border Patrol Agent Thomas Waskovich, Post Explorer in Charge: Derrick Hebert and Post Coordinator: Supervisory Border Patrol Agent John Krause.

The Learning for Life Law Enforcement Explorer Program, Post 194, led by the Fort Fairfield Border Patrol Station stopped by the Fort Fairfield Rotary Club to conduct a presentation about the new Explorer Program. The Explorer Program is a Boy Scouts of America Learning for Life Program. Post 194 was established in August 2012 and members come from many communities in The County as far north as Madawaska, west to Woodland, and south to Blaine.

The Learning for Life Law Enforcement Explorer Program is for young men and women ages 14 – 20. In general the main career clusters are in the fields of aviation, law enforcement, skilled trades, business, health, law, communications, science, engineering, social services, fire and emergency services, as well as arts and humanities. Exploring instills a sense of self-confidence, leadership, citizenship and service.

As explorers the youths learn important skills such as team building, public speaking, and interviewing techniques. They also learn organizational skills to help them organize their time to accomplish tasks for school and extra-curricular activities.

Youths participating in the explorer program receive career information as well as insight into future vocations. They receive a positive alternative to negative youth activities and gain a sense of acceptance and belonging to the “right” group. The program also provides a safe environment for adult-like activities that give the young men and women the opportunity to participate in practical, real, and meaningful hands-on experiences. The Explorer Program also provides the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills as well as other essential skills while conducting community services to improve their communities.

By participating in the Explorer program with the Fort Fairfield Border Patrol Station, young men and women learn about the border patrol and the job skills necessary to pursue a career as a border patrol agent or in other law enforcement fields. They also are able to better inform the community, schools and peers about the border patrol and the border patrol mission.

In the near future the border patrol hopes to integrate the explorer program with their local law enforcement counterparts to widen the spectrum of skills the explorers learn.