The Fort Fairfield Rotary Club selected the second school year-quarter award recipients. Victoria Plourde, a twelfth grader, and Josh Ricker, a nineth grader, were honored at a recent Rotary Club breakfast. Each recipient received a certificate recognizing their academic achievement, citizenship, and personal development during the award period November and December 2012. Victoria was accompanied by her parents Ed and Laurie Plourde, grandparents Al and Brenda Saucier, and co-nominating faculty members Jamie Selfridge and Kerri Alley. Josh was accompanied by his parents Kevin and Viola Ricker together with his nominating teacher Garrett Martin. Fort Fairfield High School principal, Tanya Belanger, also attended.

The RSSA Program recognizes student achievement in academics, citizenship, and personal development across grades nine through twelve. Each school-year quarter a girl and boy recipient is selected by the club from nominations provided by the high school faculty/staff. The recipients receive an achievement certificate and their photo is displayed on individual plaques at the school for a period following their award receipt.

At school year’s end a Rotary Spirit Student of the Year is chosen by the club from amongst the period winners (eight total). The Student of the Year is recognized at a club breakfast, receives an achievement certificate, has their photo displayed on a perpetual plaque at the school for the following school year, and receives a $300 award at the school’s annual Awards Program.

Front center – Victoria Plourde: First row – Kerrie Alley, faculty co-nominator, Brenda Saucier, grandmother, Laurie Plourde, mother, Tanya Belanger, FFHS Principal: Second row – Tracy Copeland, RSSA Program Chair, Al Saucier, grandfather, Ed Plourde, father, Jamie Selfridge, faculty co-nominator

Front center – Josh Ricker: Left-to-right – Tracy Copeland, RSSA Program Chair, Viola Ricker, mother, Kevin Ricker, father, Garrett Martin, faculty nominator, Tanya Bellanger, FFHS Principal.